Academic Reflection

     My sophomore year at Whitfield was definitely unforgettable. I went through so much this year, from
losing a teacher, to going to Mizzou to cheer on our basketball team, to  being able to experience
something like Morp. Academically, I had to make some serious adjustments this year. I got my first
C+ ever. Accelerated chemistry has been my worst enemy since the first day of school. I wasn't too
sure if I should even take the class, and it destroyed my self confidence. I started to slack off in other
subjects, too, just so I could focus on chemistry. I quickly picked back up, but my chemistry grade
still remained at a C+. But it wasn't until a few weeks ago, I got my first A on my report card for
chemistry. Not a B-, or a B, B+, or even an A-. I got an A. I felt so proud; I had been coming in after
school for help the entire year, just waiting to get something decent. My teacher and parents were so
excited for me, but most importantly--I was excited that I finally did it. I can do anything.

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