Cedars Community Service Reflection

For community service, I went to the Cedars of Town and Country,
where I got to have fun with some elderly residents. It was honestly
one of the best experiences I’ve had on a school trip. Not only did I
jump out of my comfort zone with something I’d never do, but I also
realized that we should always make the best out of our lives—because
we don’t know how long they’ll last.
My favorite thing about my trip was definitely when we sang to a
handful of the residents. Personally, I love to sing. But you’d never
actually hear me sing out loud. None of my family has heard me
sing; only about 4 of my friends have heard me sing the slightest bit.
However, I was so excited to do something for those people, I didn’t
hesitate to sing my heart out. From “Turning Tables,” to “My Girl”
to the National Anthem—I learned that it wasn’t even about me, but
it was for the happiness of other people. Going to Cedars reminded
me to not take anything for granted.  Tomorrow is not promised, so
we all have to really live life to it’s greatest potential.

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