Adults in My Life

I’ve had a great team of teachers for my first year here, and I can’t wait for my new ones next year, and the years to come. My two favorite teachers are Mr. Evans and Ms. Wohl.
Mr. Evans has given my peers and me so much useful information no one else on the PLANET would have been able to give us in a single year. He’s filled us in on things like analyzing the School of Athens painting to the reason on why CNN has 24 hour news. He always knows what to say, and it’s very unlikely he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He genuinely will listen to your questions and will give you thoughtful answers. If you ask him what college he thinks would fit you, he’ll give you the name, why, and bring up points you never would have thought of. Mr. Evans is a spectacular teacher and intellectual, and I’m so happy I was given to opportunity to be taught by him!
Ms. Wohl is fabulous because of her caring attitude. She is one of the most understanding teachers I have ever come across, and I will never forget her. She cares about our class so much, and one of the reasons is because we are her only one. We have created such a comfortable atmosphere and bond between class and teacher, it makes learning so much easier and fun. For example, when everyone gets a 90% or higher on a test, we plan a movie day of our choice and have a relaxed day for our hard work! Ms. Wohl understands how stressful high school is and how people could be dealing with a lot of other things in their lives, which makes her all the better. We have so many inside jokes, laughs, and special things to look back on from that class, and I hope she teachers us again next year in geometry.

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