Skills/Talents/Personality Traits

I have a strong passion for art and design. Ever since I was in pre-school, my mom would always tell me stories about how I was so ahead of all the other toddlers; while they were drawing smiley faces, I was drawing bodies and detailed faces. Maybe not Picasso, but the Picasso of pre-school. Now, I’m pretty good! I used to be locked on my childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer, but dropped it just recently. Now, I’m gravitating more towards graphic design, something I’ve been doing all along since I was young, but I could never pinpoint what exactly what I was doing.
Personality wise, I’m an INFJ/P.
  • I for introvert (but I have a couple extrovert traits)
  • N for intuitive–I’m very good with predicting and ‘just knowing’
  • F for feeling–I go with my heart, not my brain
  • J/P for Judging and Perceiving-I was half and half on the test results for this one, but I identify with J. If someone were to call you on the phone right now, and ask you if you wanted to hang out, what would you say? If your answer is “Yes, definitely!” then you’re a P. If your answer is “Where at?” Then you’re a J.

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